Tuesday, October 25, 2005

From bland to BAM!

Where are all of these spots coming from?
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We weren't going to paint any of the house until after we moved in, but we decided to go ahead with the monstrous job of painting our entire first floor (except the kitchen and bathroom) in one weekend, actually one day.

Our colors are quite a range. In the living room we have a brown/tan that we like to call "Jamocha Shake Brown." It looks great in our living room. The brown really compliments the two red accent walls that we are going to put all of our black and white photos on.

We did the office in blue. I don't just mean blue, but I mean "I painted the walls with Papa Smurf's ass blue." Most people recoiled in horror at first. As the day progressed and all of the paint began to dry the Smurf blue really grew on everyone.

We also painted the Guest Bedroom a nice bright yellow. The color matches our bedroom comforter really nicely. This way we can put our new one in the new bedroom. We decided to keep the furniture in the office, and I've decided that I really do like it. It's nice and plain and it really doesn't look that dated.

Anyhow, more pictures are forthcoming, with more recaps from the day long painting project(s).

Friday, October 21, 2005

Color color everywhere

We were at the house a few nights ago waiting for my family to come over and get the tour of the house. We were talking and decided that it would be a great idea to paint the place up before we move in next week. Tonight we prep, tomorrow we paint each other up...ahem....Anyhow, last night we agonized over paint colors and decided on the paint colors for the interior of the house. We have narrowed down all the rooms to a few colors, they will be whittled down this evening when we can see the colors in person. I guess it's a trip to the Home Depot tonight.

I also decided what my calling in life should be. I really really want to be the guy, or lady who comes up with those names for paint, and crayons! I was making fun of the color names last night while we were looking. They all sound so nice, very bland and very Martha-Stewarty.

I want so dangerous sounding color names like Cougar Orange, and Bloodthirsty Red. NO...instead you get Azure Afternoon, Squirrel Nut Brown, and Fluffy Bunny Grey. I
would so love to rename all of those colors. Ahhhh maybe some day.

Drumroll please.......Here's what we decided on for the first floor.

(2 colors to choose from.)
Sailing Sky
Azure Afternoon

Kitchen (3 colors to
choose from)
Main Street USA -- we like this one the best so far.
Mystic Seaport

Family Room (We already know that we are doing one red wall, and the rest are a light

Chatham Green -- this is more like a tan/taupe
Rapture Red -- I'm feeling the heat....

Guest Bedroom (We are taking our current comforter set which is yellow with blue & purple flowers and putting it in this room.)
Celestial Sun
Soft Yellow

If you really want to see the colors right now (due to the fact that my computer at work sucks and I can't upload anything) you can always search them from Glidden's color selector at: http://www.glidden.com/colors/selector.jsp More photos of the painting process forthcoming this weekend. Happy painting.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You say it's your birthday.

No new progress on the house. We are still working on packing, and getting ready to move on the 29th. I did attempt to scrape more of tile glue behind the kitchen door on Sunday, but I gave up not after too long. We have been going to the house the last few nights.

Last night it was merely for me to read for my upcoming book discussion, and for Charli to study for her Midterm. It really is quiet there, we had a nutritious Rally's dinner, and got to studying and reading. In between reading we did loads of laundry. Fun fun fun 'till the daddy takes the T-Bird away!!!

We did take one break where we outlined our lists for the weekend full of buying supplies for the house. We ended up making a necessities list, a near wish list, and a far-far-OK-not-in-the-too-distant future list. It looks like we have some shopping to do on Saturday, but we also have to clean to get the house ready for us to move. So much to do!

My brother came in from Boston yesterday as well, and my mom, stepdad, and my brother got the tour of the new house. We all sat for a bit and they left, and we went home to the apartment. Ahhhh the joys of living out of two houses. It will all be over in 10 days. Anyway, tonight it's off to my parents house for my birthday dinner which is 11 days early, but who's counting. It's just really nice to see my brother. It is rare these days. He is not coming back into town until Christmas time, and I think we did offer him a room to stay in over the holidays. Which he informed me that I had already mentioned to him like 3 times.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The beginning of day 1 in the kitchen.

The beginning of day 1 in the kitchen.
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I went and picked up the keys Friday night. We had a few friends over, even Bob came which was cool. We also managed to interrupt Jr. and Monique's date. Charli and I gave tours of the house, and we all sat outside and sat in our new green plastic chairs that we provided by the PO's, although we were one short.

We talked about our plans for the house, which trees to cut down in the backyard. One of which we decided will end up being our Christmas Tree this year. (I've never had a live tree. That'll be exciting.) Another tree Dorothy claimed for her house.
So anyway we're talking, and Dorothy and Chris mentioned the kitchen, and how I should start on it ASAP. They offered their services.

I didn't really think that I would start the kitchen until after we moved in, but I am happy that we started it yesterday.

I was able to open all the windows, clean out the refrigerator (which was filled with old people food AKA lots of prune juice and condiments), and start ripping down the tile in the kitchen. We got so much more done than I expected. I learned things like what a Dremel is, and how it makes life so much easier. (Please note: I am not the handiest of people but I am learning.)
We all left exhausted, but it was all so worth it. I really didn't expect to get nearly 3/4 of the walls done in the kitchen. We will be mudding sooner than we thought.
(Click above picture to see the photostream of the day's events.)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Closing and Reclosing

Our ordeal with closing has come to a close. No pun intended. To make a long story short, the title agency forgot to double check our contract and their fees were lower than the amount the bank needed to us to put into the house. The mortgage company blamed the title agency and the title agency blamed the mortgage company.

As of yesterday we were going to have to reclose everything. Which would have pushed our move-in date back. Seeing as how the sellers were moving to Portland, Oregon that would mean that we would have to overnight all of these forms all over the country, and we wouldn't be able to move when we thought.

Well that takes us to today. I spoke with the mortgage company and they are simply saying "scerw it" to the 3% that we owe for closing costs. We gave them what we gave them, and they don't want anymore. It was their screw up and they don't want to inconvenience us anymore than they have to.

So I spoke to our realtor this morning, and the sellers are getting on a plane this afternoon, and we should have keys to our new house tonight-- two weeks earlier than expected. Life is grand right about now! I can't wait.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Exterior shot of our new house.

Moving day is so soon I can taste it.

Well our moving day is in a few weeks.

Let me back track a little...

We are new first time homeowners, or should I say soon to be homeowners. We are recently married, and have been dreaming about owning a house. It's been a long time coming.

All in all I think the whole house buying process was a lot of fun. We looked and looked for about two months both before and after the wedding (which was a blast) and we really did find our perfect little house. We were crushed after losing out on a previous bungalow, but this house while still needing work does not need nearly as much work.We have been at this little crappy apartment for the last year. It was temporary and we have been able to save a little bit of money. Having no lease has been a blessing, but our landlord is a family friend and he's nice but a little on the crazy-side! We agreed to help him around his apartments for a break in the rent, and it's just been annoying to say the least. But now it's onto brighter things!

So for now we have to pack, and remember where we have stored all of our stuff. Some of which is huddled away at my grandmothers, including all of our wonderful wedding gifts which we still have to go through. It was a painful experience shuttling all of our new stuff away until we found a house but it will be like christmas when we move. All these new toys to play with.

The cats (Ono and Boo-face) are particularly excited to move. They know that something is definitley afoot. They've seen the boxes and have several theories about what's up. We've heard them muttering about things like hiding places behind the furnace, favorite window seats, and STAIRS! We know that they do not know what they are yet, but we have heard them begging for them.

So much more to fill everyone in on when we actually move, and all of our plans and schemes for our new house, but for now this is merely an introduction. Hello from Matt and Charli.